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Enamel Cufflinks

Date Added: May 15, 2008 02:05:56 AM
Author: John Lucas
Category: Retail Jewelry
Amongst the most attractive substances used today to craft jewelry and fine art we find enamel. This material can be obtained by the combination of powdered glass and high levels of heat. The physical appearance of the material can be compared to soft glass because it has a glossy consistency which is a perfect complement to any object made of metal or related materials which are used by artists. Enamel is also referred to as vitreous enamel or porcelain enamel which is commonly used in the US. The amount of work that is required in order to manufacture a good-looking enamel cufflink is quite surprising for starters, the enamel needs to be carefully melted at the right temperature in order to create a material comparable to glass and which has the hardness of a much stronger material, the enamel which is placed on cufflinks is reinforced by the beautiful metal which is used beneath it. Once the powdered glass is melted at the right temperature it can then be combined with the main coloring agent which is a metallic oxide, the color of the enamel is determined by the amount of the materials used in the mixture and not by the amount of oxide. When it comes to cufflinks this material often projects a great sense of style and sophistication which can't be achieved by wearing only metallic cufflinks. Facts and history of enamel: In order for powdered glass to become enamel it needs to be heated between 750 and 850° Celsius, the hardened material is referred to as frit, in other parts of the world such as France it is called Fondant. The word Enamel is said to come from the German word "smelzan" which means to smelt, this word is in turn derived from the old French word "esmail" As futuristic as the material might appear to be it actually has been around for a while in fact, the ancient Egyptians applied enamel to art pieces made of stone as well as other pottery artifacts, subsequently the Greeks, Chinese, Celts, Russian, etc. begin use this material to coat their metal objects. Enamel  is a very strong and durable material which is also chemically resistant, can assume brilliant and glossy colors, it has a smooth surface and can't burn. Since this is a very flexible material there have been many methods for enameling an object, one of these methods is called "CloisonnĂ©" which is a French word that means cell, this method involves the use of wires which act as barriers in order to separate different tones of Enamel which can be placed on top of a metal.  Other methods of enameling are Basse-taille, ChamplevĂ©, Grisaille, Limoges enamel, Plique-Ă -jour and many others. Great examples of delicate enamel cufflinks are: NEW Square Red Enamel Cuff Links: these enamel cuff links are very elegant because they combine the futuristic look of rhodium as well as silver, Enamel is used to coat these fine materials in order to give them a glossy look. Classic Black Enamel Square Cuff Links: black is the color which brings out the most attractive features of enamel which is combine with silver in order to create the perfect cufflink. NEW Silver Superman Cuff Links: who doesn't like the attractive Superman logo?  -- these cufflinks were designed specially for those who love this great superhero and want to enjoy the elegant look of the color black, silver and glossy enamel. Retro 1970's Inspired Blue Enamel Cuff Links: back to basics or back to the future?  -- these blue cufflinks provide the best of both worlds, a feature a soothing tone of blue which is perfectly complemented with the smooth appearance that enamel gives to this material.
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