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Pink Cufflinks

Date Added: May 15, 2008 02:11:41 AM
Author: John Lucas
Category: Retail Jewelry
Pink Cufflinks Pink is an extremely beautiful color, it takes on the properties of the color red and mixes it with the beauty and simplicity of the color white.  Just like the color red, pink can cause a person's heartbeat to increase, the respiration and blood pressure can increase as well just by looking at this eye-catching color. People who use this pink are said to be very passionate, sexy, confident and in some cases care-free.  This last statement is used because the color pink is related to youth, a time when there was nothing to worry about and we lived happily.  The tones of pink people use can project an aggressive personality or a softer more carrying one.  Those who use this color are also believed to live a happy life. The color pink is used in rooms in order to reduce erratic behavior, it is also linked to the exquisite New York fashion and punk urban styles which bring sexy back.  When someone gives flowers pink blossoms are usually the favorite because the color is not very common and also because it represents passion and romance.   Interesting facts about the color pink:   In sports, light pink is said to be a color which calms and helps people relax this is also why some teams paint the opposing team's locker room with this color, a small advantage is still an advantage.    - When it comes to strength-based olympic performance males loose strength when they see a great deal of pink and women gain strength when they are around the color. Pink makes people crave sugar which is why sweets taste better when they are served in pink plates or come out of a pink box. In the same note, the flavor of pink is related to cotton candy and grapefruit. Did you know that during the times of Nazis homosexuals were labeled with a pink triangle which represented their sexual orientation? In Catholic belief pink represents happiness and joy. In Japan the color pink is associated with males because it is linked to Sakura trees (cherry blossoms) that is used to represent the young Japanese warriors who died in battle while young (referring to samurai warriors) Marrakesh is known as the "Rose city" because of the color of its buildings, the reddish color of the ground.   Perfect examples of Pink Cufflinks: Stunning Pink Mother of Pearl Cuff Links: These are absolutely exquisite pink cufflinks which are rhodium-plated and have been polished to perfection, they feature several tones of pink which are sure to grab people's attention. Curved Pink CZ Crystal Cuff Links:  The many beautiful pink stones in these silver cufflinks is nothing less than elegant and sophisticated, they make a clear fashion statement. Pink & Pearl Silk Knot Cuff Links Trio: Small, delicate and extremely elegant. These cufflinks are made from real silk and the threads have been carefully intertwined, perfect for those who love simplicity. Pink Strawberry Silk Knot Cuff Links: Just like the Pink & Pearl Silk Knot trio, these full sized cufflinks are simple, elegant and are made with the most beautiful tone of pink silk you could find.  
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