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Silver Cufflinks

Date Added: May 15, 2008 02:19:57 AM
Author: John Lucas
Category: Retail Jewelry
Silver Cufflinks Silver is a metallic shade which is often attributed to the metal of the same name, one of the most important features this color has is that it can't be reproduced by the combination of any other color, silver takes the properties of the color gray and enhances it with its metallic characteristics. Other colors have certainly been enhanced to resemble the natural characteristics of silver which gives them a glossy look, however when it comes to Cufflinks there are very few colors which create balance and elegance. Cufflinks which use polished silver are often seen as elegant and expensive items when they are compared with other cufflinks made of different materials, the way the light is smoothly transferred and reflected by this material which bears a soothing color can create the feeling of peace and relaxation. Silver Cufflinks are often mixed with some other color in order to break expectation and the feeling this color and material tends to produce in people. Interesting facts about silver: The human eye can recognize and perceive over 500 different shades of gray when it comes to silver this number increases, the variations depend on the way light is aimed at the material, reflected and perceived by our eyes which are said to be able to differentiate among 10 million colors. Silver is used to represent the color for lent in Christianity. Gray and silver are often associated with intelligence, people often refer to "gray matter" as the material our brain is made of, this is all in an effort to express someone's intelligence, the use of silver objects projects the same message about the person using it. Silver is often used to create the sensation of cold temperature. Several commercial products use the word "silver" as well as paint which has properties which resemble silver in order to make a statement, a clear example of the use of "silver" could be recalled by the multiple beer commercials which mentioned the "silver bullet" - Coors. The message sent by wearing silver cuff links is that you like futuristic looks and elegance. Good examples of silver cuff links are: Laser Frosted Silver Cuff Links: These are the perfect example of cool looking cuff links which project elegance. Gear Shifter Silver Cuff Links: For those who love speed and great looks these silver cuff links are one of a kind. Four Ace Playing Cards Cuff Links: If you want people to think of the song "Luck be a lady" - Frank Sinatra when they see your cuff links then this is the best pair to go for. Silver Dollar Cuff Links: Nothing says wealth and power like these carefully polished silver cuff links, they are perfect to project that million dollar look most people go for. Cuff Links Man is the most prestigious online cufflink store where you will find the most unique and elegant cufflinks which were created to enhance your looks and make a fashion statement.  
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